Dolly Goodpuppy Society™ is a Department of Agriculture licensed canine rescue organization. We also promote humane education and responsible pet ownership.


Our mission is to promote responsible pet ownership and to give as many dogs as we can another chance at life.

Good choices make good pets, and happy owners. Many animals are surrendered every year, because they did not fit the owners lifestyle. Pet owners often become frustrated when they encounter behaviors that they are unable to correct.

An improper correction can actually worsen the problem, or have an unpleasant side effect. It is important to be well informed and prepared before you get the pet. We think that many pet issues could be avoided by education in responsible pet ownership.

Our dogs come from local animal control facilities. In some hardship cases, we take owner surrenders. We believe that animal control is not a great place for young puppies, so we take pups and sometimes mom too.